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Bullying is a serious problem. Chances are, your student has experienced bullying, whether your student was bullied, your student has bullied someone else, or your student has seen someone else being bullied. Bullying is a worldwide and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. OBMS actively responds to all cases of bullying.  If you are a victim of bullying or have witnessed a case of bullying, please come see your School Counselors or submit an anonymous report by clicking on the Stay Safe, Speak UP! link on the OBMS homepage.

College and Career Readiness
Ohio Means Jobs is an internet-based system of accurate and comprehensive occupations, post-secondary education, and financial aid information. OBMS students will work with Ohio Means Jobs during their middle and high school educational years. Click on the link below to get to the Ohio Means Jobs homepage.

Mental Health Information
Here at OBMS, we partner with Central Ohio Mental Health Center. The school liaison will visit with students for wellness checks and will also respond to emergencies within the school. Click on the link below to learn about Central Ohio Mental Health Center and their services they provide.

Study Skills
Your student's study skills will need to change as they advance through middle school. As your student advances through the grade levels, the homework level also increases. Your student will have long-term projects, homework, tests, and quizzes throughout middle school. Teachers are preparing your student for their future in high school and beyond. Below is a resourceful website with information for study skills and much more.

Test Taking Strategies
Help your kids prepare for standardized tests with these some tips and educational resources. Follow the link for some great resources on test taking strategies and how to prepare for high stakes tests.

As a school counselor, confidentiality, is an ethical concept which states that what is said between two people will remain secret and will not be shared without consent. School counselors should keep information confidential unless the student discloses that he/she intends on hurting him/herself, if someone is hurting him/her, or if someone else is being "hurt". We want your student to feel comfortable talking with us and opening up to us, yet, confidentiality will be broken, if needed, i.e. being hurt, going to hurt themselves, or the knowledge of someone being hurt. 

Grief and Loss
Everyone grieves differently; one student may want to talk about death, another may choose to cry, one might write about their experiences in a journal or chat room, some choose to express their grief in creative/artistic ways, others are physical in their grief - participating in sports or other big energy activities, no one way is the right way to grieve - your way of grieving is right for you. People grieving a death often feel like no one understands what they’re going through, and truthfully, no one’s grief is exactly the same. Below are some links to help in the grieving process. 


Tips for Parents - Helping Students with Divorce
One of the most difficult issues facing children is the divorce of their parents. Divorce requires significant adjustment for all family members including children, parents and grandparents. For several reasons, adolescents may experience a more difficult transitional period than their younger or older siblings may. Adolescence is a time of personal change, seeking acceptance and developing individual identity. A major life change at this point in a child's development may be particularly traumatic. Below is a helpful resource to help parents support their child during a divorce.