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OBMS School Counselor Sponsored Clubs

Berkshire Buddy

Being a new student at school can be a rough transition. Berkshire Buddy was created to help our new students feel welcomed and comfortable even on the first day of school. Members of Berkshire Buddy will meet our new students on their first day at OBMS and make sure they do not sit alone at the lunch table. Members will also check in with the new students throughout the year to make sure that their transition has been a good one.

Sentinel Ambassadors

When guests and new students arrive at Berkshire, they are greeted by our Sentinel Ambassadors. Members of this club are chosen to welcome our guests, give them a tour of the school and answer any questions they may have about OBMS.

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) LEADER INFORMATION

Our WEB program was established to help create a safe and welcoming environment for all students at OBMS. To create that environment our WEB Leaders teach lessons to our 6th graders throughout the year on kindness, compassion, leadership, diversity, perseverance, diligence, integrity, trustworthiness, etc. The School Counselors collaborate with our 8th grade WEB leaders on a monthly basis to figure out the themes and goals of each lesson and how it will positively impact our student body and school environment. Teacher recommendations and student applications are a part of the WEB Leader selection process.

T.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness I'm Female)

Thank Goodness I’m Female is a “youth-led program designed to create a school environment where bullying is not accepted, ignored, or minimized by students or adults.” This program is implemented district wide in middle schools, particularly at the 6th grade level.